About us

      Originally from the outskirts of Music City, the artistic hub of the South, Nicole developed a keen interest in various mediums of creative expression. Her first stained glass course ignited a passion for working with glass. As a young adult, Nicole's cross-country travels afforded her the opportunities to pursue her interests and work with other glass artists. After arriving in Alaska in 2000, Nicole met her partner, Bryan, and soon after "Alaskan Glassy Waters Studio" was born. She is currently pursuing her vision working full time as a glass artist.

     Born and raised in Alaska, Bryan grew up as a 4th generation Alaskan fisherman. Enjoying working with his hands, he furthered his education after high school in the carpentry trade. Now a Residential General Contractor, Bryan has been experienced in his field since 1994.

     After meeting in Anchorage, Bryan and Nicole moved to the Kenai Peninsula in the spring of 2002. By 2004, they rented a shop and the equipment necessary to begin fusing glass. Self-taught and motivated, this power couple was determined to have their own studio and equipment soon. A few years later, Bryan built a one-of-a-kind glass fusing kiln from start to finish capable of fusing larger panels up to 24x36". Now located in Anchor Point, Alaska, Bryan and Nicole run Alaskan Glassy Waters Studio on their property. 

     Alaska’s ever-changing landscapes and seascapes provide amazing inspiration and the glass itself brings life to Nicole's interpretation.  Two decades of exploring the intricacies of glass have revealed its properties as mystical and colorful, fragile, luxurious, fluid and yet solid.  Glass is a timeless medium for preserving the spontaneity of a creative moment.  Glass creations are worthy investments as beautiful and often functional pieces of art. 

Alaskan Glassy Waters Studio specialty is creating custom-designed, purposeful and decorative glass art for the home.  In addition to creating original art work, they enjoy crafting unique windows, portholes, door panels, wall and bath tiles, kitchen backsplashes and more by working closely with individual customers to bring their dreams and/or visions to life!  All pieces are 100% glass . . . no decals, inclusions, paints, enamels, etc.

Nicole and Bryan thoroughly enjoy sharing their world through brilliant images and beautiful one-of-a-kind glass creations. Surrounded by nature and beautiful Alaskan landscapes, they are inspired everyday by the extraordinary place they live.